The Audi S4 is a luxury sedan that's designed to perform. Here at The Audi Connection, we are always happy to share all of the incredible performance features with our customers in Cincinnati. Vehicle performance isn't just about speed

it's about having the power when and where you need it most. Have questions? Our friendly staff is always happy to help you with any questions or concerns. No two roads are the same, and driving conditions are forever changing. Thankfully, the Audi S4 comes with Sport Adaptive Damping Suspension. The adaptive suspension of the Audi S4 uses special sensors to measure the movements of the vehicle's body. As the road and conditions change, the vehicle is able to seamlessly adjust the suspension for superior comfort and driveability. Get power when you need it most with the Audi S4's twin-scroll turbocharged V6 engine. You'll have the fuel-efficiency of a four cylinder engine but with the power and performance you want.

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