Ditching the Sportback of the past, the Audi A3 has changed its focus to a sole sedan model. Buyers are paying attention to the emphasis Audi is placing on this model, with its athletic design and strong features. Maintaining its discretionary look with a four-door layout, the Audi A3 sedan has a completely new cabin to show off.

The new design of the Audi A3 design can be described as angular and contoured. Ensuring the natural sunlight hits it in all the right places, this sedan was designed to look good from every angle. Maintaining the same C-Pillar shape, the Audi A3 sedan maintains its infamous design exterior elements for at least another year.

On the front end of the Audi A3 sedan lies a strong front grille that boasts a hexagon shape. Pointed headlights with a sharp aesthetic give the A3 a bold look, and the intakes on either side of this sedan bring it all together in a cohesive exterior design.


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